Thursday, July 28, 2016

No Prep Printables!!

I'm am so super stoked about my newest unit of 'No Prep Printables' that are geared towards the beginning of the year, but honestly, they could be used at any point during the school year.  Students who need a little extra practice after learning a new skill will find these pages useful! 

In this unit, I created over 30 sheets that cover all the basic skills that is teachers teach during the first few weeks months of school. These skills include writing their name, colors, shapes, one-to-one counting, beginning sounds, rhyming, patterns and more!! 

Here is the cover of the unit--which, for the record, I am in love with!! 
And here are just a few of the pages from inside the unit! 
All about the student's name!
One-to-one counting!
Ten frames!
Color and color words!
Fill in the ten frame!
Numbers and number words to five!
Numbers and number words 1-10!
Beginning sounds!
Counting to 10!
Rhyming words!
Everyone loves using dice!
Matching shapes or common objects!
I hope you love this unit as much as I do!!
Be sure to scoop it up and have it ready for your first month of school. It will be a lifesaver in the classroom!

Click here or on any picture to view it on TpT!

Monday, July 18, 2016

#MondayMadness No Prep Printables

Happy Monday!
The sun is finally out here, which is a much welcome break from all of the rain we seem to be getting here in England. There is something about the sun shinning that instantly makes me feel uber happy and it even makes me want to work---crazy huh!?!?

Anywho, I'm coming to you today to spread the #MondayMadness love with you fine folks again!

Up for grabs today is my BRAND NEW pack of no prep printables!
(Click on the picture to view it on TpT!)

I'm soooo in love with cover- seriously, it's my most favorite one yet! 
And I love the content I created inside.  I've been working on it off and on all summer and I just love the way everything turned out with it. 

I'll be blogging about the content soon but trust me, it's awesome! 
But clearly the best part about this unit is the one day price for today......
It usually retails for $5.00 but for today only, it's only $1.00! It's part of the #MondayMadness some fellow authors and I are doing to offer great products at $1.00 prices!

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Have a marvelous #mondaymadness day!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

#ThriftyThursday and a HUGE giveaway!!

Hi again friends!

Today is #ThriftyThursday in our Oceans of Steals, Deals, and Giveaways!

Up for grabs today from me is a Math Flip Book Bundle!
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It's usually $12 but today you can grab it for 50% off--- that's right, 6 books for $6.00! That's only a $1.00 per flip book.  It won't get any cheaper than that!! If you've been thinking about trying these easy to use and engaging flip books, now is the time!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

#WackyWednesday on TpT!

Welcome to 'Wacky Wednesday'!!

Today, you have tons of chances to grab some awesome freebies from TpT!!
We are calling it #wackywednesday and I think you're going to love it!
Many of your favorite TpT authors are going to host random freebies throughout the day. Simply go to TpT and in the search bar, type in #wackywednesday to find your freebies! 

Some freebies will last all day and some will only be for a short time so be sure to download them quickly! And be sure to ALWAYS leave some feedback---seriously, us teachers love getting feedback from y'all! Also, be sure to follow your favorite authors on their FB pages too as many of them will announce their freebie there too!

So have fun, check TpT often and good luck!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#2forTuesday Deals!!

It's Tuesday....which means it's time for #2forTuesday deals on TpT!
If didn't see yesterday, a great group of teacher bloggers and TpT'ers got together for a week of goodies!

Yesterday, we celebrated with $1 deals and today, it's 50% off deals!

I'm featuring my 'Back To School' bundle that is usually $24.00 but you can grab it today for just $12.00!! It includes 4 big units--one on colors, one that's all about shapes, one that is all about letters and the last unit is a great pack all about reviewing those basic skills! 
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Monday, July 4, 2016

Oceans of Steals, Deals and Giveaways!

Oh boy! I have a little something that I think you will be interested in.....and your wallet will thank me!

What if I told you that you could scoop up some amazing deals for only $1.00 today AND you have a ba-zill-ion chances to win some awesome $50.00 gift cards too??? 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

'Save Your Sanity' Chore Lists!

Hello summer!!! {{WooooHoooo!}}

The words that make every teacher smile...summer! 
My summer started only a few shorts days ago. I am finally catching up on some much needed sleep that I missed out on this school year and I'm slowly, but surely, starting to feel human again! But, of course, like most teachers, even though my summer has just started, my summer 'wish list' is already filling up!! My wish list includes school projects that I'd like to accomplish, TpT creations that I'd like to create, places I'd like to visit and some not so exciting house chores that I've been putting off for some time now... can you say 'organizing neglected closets'---yuck!! 

But, what I'm most excited about this summer is that I get to enjoy extra time with my own kids! I have one child who will be entering 4th grade {where did the time go? am I that old?} and one child who will be entering into Kindergarten {it just doesn't seem possible--but double yay for no more daycare payments :) }!!

Today I want to share with you.....
In order to keep my kids from repeating the "I'm bored mom" statement all summer, I devised a simple (yet very effective) simple chore list that they are responsible for on a daily basis! I started this last summer with my oldest who needed a bit of guidance during the summer days. I felt like I was the only one doing any house chores, and never getting anything else done, while she felt unmotivated and lethargic from her TV coma. 

To solve our issues, I created this 'chore' list {and I use the word chore loosely} that was more than just boring stuff (as she says)! Get this...she actually told me that she likes doing the things on her list---and then my mommy heart melted!!  I made sure to include activities that were important to her (and me) so that she could maximize her brain power while staying active! 

Here is her chore list::
I made sure to include some everyday chores that wanted her to do (like the dishes and emptying the trash) and then I also included some of those fun activities that would get her up and get her brain going (like playing outside and on the computer)! It's a win/win for both of us!

I then got a clear page protector and inserted the paper into it so that the paper would stay nice all summer. And to make her feel in control, I found these cute little dry erase markers that are magnetic--double score!! They attach right to the fridge beside her list. She gets to mark each bubble when she has completed that task to let her me know that she has done with that one. (She added a small piece of paper towel under the big magnet so that she could erase the bubbles at the start of each new day.)
This is what it looks like on my fridge on a daily basis!
And since it worked so well last summer, I made a revised version for this past school year. It worked like a charm and kept her on track while also allowing my husband and I a quick look at her accomplishments each day/week! 
And since my little one is now home all summer, I knew he'd want in on the chores fun so, you got it...he gets his own chore list too!! Since he's not really reading yet, I decided to add pictures to accompany the words.....{I leave no room for excuses!}.  :)
It is printing now and will soon be put into a plastic protective sleeve and he'll be responsible for his chores just like his sister!! There is nothing like a little sibling competitiveness to keep everyone working and having fun!! (I should also mention that the times given for the activities are all minimums and more can always be done, the kids get to choose the order in which the chores are done, and most importantly, the chore list is open to revisions at ANY time-no questions asked!)  

I hope you found this useful and can implement something like this for your household too! All you need is a simple {but fun} chore list, a plastic sheet protector, a few magnetic dry erase markers and a little paper towel and you'll be all set to save your sanity this summer!