Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#2forTuesday Deals!!

It's Tuesday....which means it's time for #2forTuesday deals on TpT!
If didn't see yesterday, a great group of teacher bloggers and TpT'ers got together for a week of goodies!

Yesterday, we celebrated with $1 deals and today, it's 50% off deals!

I'm featuring my 'Back To School' bundle that is usually $24.00 but you can grab it today for just $12.00!! It includes 4 big units--one on colors, one that's all about shapes, one that is all about letters and the last unit is a great pack all about reviewing those basic skills! 
Click the picture to view it on TpT! 

And while you're on TpT, type in #2forTuesday in the search bar to find other great deals too!
Happy shopping!

And for goodness sakes, don't forget to enter the huge drawing for some awesome giftcards!! You have 77 chances to enter and follow some hard working teachers on their TpT stores!

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