Sunday, October 9, 2016

Classroom Reveal 2016!

The time has finally come for my classroom reveal!

I'm so excited to start from scratch and do a whole new theme this year.  I decided that black and bright colors would be the way I would go this year and I'm so happy that I picked those colors.  They make me happy and I love being surrounded by brightness all day!!

This sign right outside my room is my biggest accomplishment so far! I loved how it turned out. It's so big, bright and welcoming.....not to mention it was a dead giveaway to parents who were lost before school started!
(Click here to view the file for free and just print it on colored paper!)
This is the cover of my teacher binder! I made it specifically to match the rest of my room decor! I've gotten so many compliments about it during staff meetings.
Here is my "go home" list for my students! It keeps me organized on those crazy day afternoons!!
My first day of school feelings chart. Students will write their name on a small post-it note and attach it above their feeling for the first day!
(Click here to find the clip I used!) 
I love my pom-poms above my desk. I bought them off Etsy, because honestly, I didn't have the time or patience to make them! They were inexpensive and worth every penny to only have to "fluff" them once they arrived!
(Here is the Etsy shop I bought mine from!)
My bright colored monthly chart!
(I bought it from here!)
Hall passes!
An overview of the front of my room! It's where most of the learning magic happens! 
This is my ten frame area where attach a sticker for each day we've been in school!
(I've since added a title above it!)
My beautiful number posters, my double boarders and my love---the Smartboard! :)
My bright colored bins from Really Good Stuff and our CD player that plays soft music during rest time!
I'm utilizing the front of my big cabinet doors for our word wall. I used double sided sticky tape to attach them! 
         Here is my color words area!
(Click here to veiw them for free!) 
I LOVE my heavy duty magnetic pouches! We will use them for magnetic letters at the beginning of school!
I'm trying our these hanging IKEA tubs this year.  They will hold my dry erase markers and eraser!
Here are my beautiful shape posters!
(They were free from here!)
I'm in LOVE with this alphabet posters. I wanted to incorporate "real" photos this year and this was the perfect way for me to do it.  They add so much color and really stand out.
(Click here to view them!)
A big overview of one side of my room.
The ever popular reading center with lots of pillows and book animals.
A view from behind my desk!
I love these hanging folders! They will store extra work, homework labels, student missed work, assessments and whatever else needs a home! 
My cute magnets I made ages ago!
(Click here to see how I did it!)
My computer area, the kids' cubbies, and the huge open wall will be used for anchor charts we make through the year!
Front of the room view.....
One side....
The back corner area....
My huge windows that I love....
My desk area and small group area...
 A closeup of my number posters.
And me all ready for the first day of school!!!! This is the sign my students will hold for their first day of school pictures that I take.
(Click here to get this sign for free from me!)
I know our year will be bright and full of adventures!

Have a great year! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

No Prep Printables!!

I'm am so super stoked about my newest unit of 'No Prep Printables' that are geared towards the beginning of the year, but honestly, they could be used at any point during the school year.  Students who need a little extra practice after learning a new skill will find these pages useful! 

In this unit, I created over 30 sheets that cover all the basic skills that is teachers teach during the first few weeks months of school. These skills include writing their name, colors, shapes, one-to-one counting, beginning sounds, rhyming, patterns and more!! 

Here is the cover of the unit--which, for the record, I am in love with!! 
And here are just a few of the pages from inside the unit! 
All about the student's name!
One-to-one counting!
Ten frames!
Color and color words!
Fill in the ten frame!
Numbers and number words to five!
Numbers and number words 1-10!
Beginning sounds!
Counting to 10!
Rhyming words!
Everyone loves using dice!
Matching shapes or common objects!
I hope you love this unit as much as I do!!
Be sure to scoop it up and have it ready for your first month of school. It will be a lifesaver in the classroom!

Click here or on any picture to view it on TpT!

Monday, July 18, 2016

#MondayMadness No Prep Printables

Happy Monday!
The sun is finally out here, which is a much welcome break from all of the rain we seem to be getting here in England. There is something about the sun shinning that instantly makes me feel uber happy and it even makes me want to work---crazy huh!?!?

Anywho, I'm coming to you today to spread the #MondayMadness love with you fine folks again!

Up for grabs today is my BRAND NEW pack of no prep printables!
(Click on the picture to view it on TpT!)

I'm soooo in love with cover- seriously, it's my most favorite one yet! 
And I love the content I created inside.  I've been working on it off and on all summer and I just love the way everything turned out with it. 

I'll be blogging about the content soon but trust me, it's awesome! 
But clearly the best part about this unit is the one day price for today......
It usually retails for $5.00 but for today only, it's only $1.00! It's part of the #MondayMadness some fellow authors and I are doing to offer great products at $1.00 prices!

Simply search #MondayMadness in the search bar of TpT and you'll find tons of great deals other than just mine. So load up that TpT cart and don't feel guilty about it one bit!

Have a marvelous #mondaymadness day!

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Good luck!