Thursday, August 13, 2015

TBT- Birthday Balloons That Kids Love!!

For TBT for this week, I want to share with you how I made the birthday balloons that I gave to students on their birthday! They always loved getting a little something for me and of course, I loved sending home a load of sugar for them to enjoy {you're welcome parents}! 

Take a look at how simple it was to make! If you don't have a Circuit machine you could always freehand it or use a die-cut!

Birthday Balloons

Well, school is about to start and that means I'm kicking it into high gear!!!

So, my latest project has been birthday balloons on pixie sticks!
Yes, you've probably seen them all over Facebook and Pinterest but they are just so darn cute!
I HAD to make them for my new kiddos!

Here is how I made mine, step-by-step! And I just L-O-V-E how the end product turned out!

First, I started off with scrapbook paper--this is my secret weapon in my classroom!
This is just a big sheet of scrapbook paper, 12 X 12, and I found this cute birthday design at my local Hobby Lobby store!
Next, I used my wonderful teammates Circuit machine to cut out all of the cute balloons. I could only get 4 per sheet--but they were a pretty good size. And this was the step where we realized that picking a paper that had more of an abstract design would have been better-- we cut 4 balloons out before we realized that hats were sideways when we were holding the balloon at the bottom-OOPS!!!
(I also later added a different kind of paper to break up the monotony of the hat design.) I then added the 'happy birthday' on the front and then laminated them.
The next step was to attach the tall pixie sticks to the back of each balloon  I just did this with clear packing tape.
Next I found an old fishbowl from our "trash" pile at school---there are so many good finds in there!  I added all the sticks in there and arranged them until my heart was content!
It then looked like it was missing something so I went to our craft supply and found some bright pink tissue paper.  I stuffed it in the bottom and viola- my beautiful birthday balloons!!!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great Resources For Teaching Colors!!

I want to showcase a few great pins that I've found and a new flip book that I've created when teaching students about colors! I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to teaching colors! I used to think colors was kind of a hard concept to teach but I learned that I just had to get creative! Pinterest has so many great ideas and I knew I needed a board specifically for ways to teach it to my struggling students. Take a look at that board by clicking here

Here are the pins I found and love!
Click the pictures to be taken to the link!!
Awesome color books!
I love my sensory bin!
What an awesome art project!
Simple and effective! 
Aren't those pins pretty creative? I love them!
And here is my newest flip book! 
I think it will fun and engaging for students. Here are the pages that are included. 
The cover which is available in color and black/white. 
And don't forget about these color units that I also have listed on TpT if you need even more resources to use.
Click on either picture to view it in my store!

I hope a few of these pins and resources help you and your students this year! Get creative when teaching colors!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Practicing Those Colors!

School is right around the corner.
And somehow I have a toddler who will be starting Kindergarten sooner than I'd like to imagine.
{When did this happen??}

He's been doing so well at prek lately learning his letters, counting 1-20 and of course, learning his colors! And let me tell you, he is mildly obsessed with them---like for real, he quizzes me more than I ever thought possible...{yes honey, mommy does know what color her shirt is and for the love of pete kid, if I tell you what color it is, will you leave the kitchen and let me finish cooking in peace?} Only kidding....sort of! HA! 

So it was no surprise to me that he would be the first one in the computer room when I started printing off pages from a few color units I had made in the past. Seriously, he's like a moth to a flame! No sooner had the printer spit out a few pages before I hear "mommy, colors, I see colors.  Can we play?"  This was one time when I was happy to oblige! 

I could barely cut the color sheets into fourths before he was nonstop asking to match the colors. I finished cutting and let him have at it! My teacher heart {and mommy heart} were so happy to see him in action. I was snapping pictures quickly of his work when I then heard "oh mommy, take a picture of this one...and this one...and this one..." {If you have a toddler, you know how this goes!}

Take a look at my handsome mister in action! 
{Cheese mommy!}
He's concentrating so hard!
A few of the final matches!! 
Then I decided to pull out a color game from my "to laminate" file. I just haven't gotten around to putting laminating on it but he didn't care. I set out the mats and he was off again! Barely stopping at all. He started matching colors on the objects to the colors on the mat.  
"I like this orange fishy mommy."
He said "all done mommy- cheese!!"
Thumbs up for a job well done buddy!!!
A close up of all of his wonderful work!

Both of these activities came from this color unit here

If your students need a little extra practice on colors, I know they would love these activities!! 
Be sure to check them out! 
I hope you have a colorful school year! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

TBT- Storage Units Get A Facelift!

This original post is from August, 2013!
I love how the final product turned out and how cheap it was to do! It made such an impact on the theme of my room! I loved it!!
Take a look at this week's "Throwback Thursday" post!

Well, I hate to say it but it looks like summer is quickly coming to an end.  
(Insert sad face here!) 
I have had such a great summer spending so much quality with my two kiddos and my husband! I'm grateful for the time we had together but I guess it's time to get back to the grindstone! 

At the beginning of this week, it was time to get back into the classroom and get decorating underway. I'm only been working in my classroom for a few days but I'm exhausted. Maybe it's because I'm trying to get up earlier in the morning to get my body back on a "school schedule". Our in-service professional development days start next week and the kids start the following week.  I'm so excited to meet all of our new kindergarten kiddos.  

Our school has a school-wide theme that changes yearly. Our theme this year is ocean. I was excited about getting to use all different tones of blues and greens! 

First thing on the decorating list is to update the faces of my plastic tubs. I love to creating and getting everything set up for the new school year, but boy is it time-consuming. You don't realize how much time it takes to decorate by yourself!! 

I'm so excited about the face lift that my plastic drawers got again this year!
Here is a before picture:
And here is an after picture:
VoilĂ !

Here are some close up pics! 
I love how they turned out and I love the blue color combinations! 

To update my drawers, I simply bought a variety of scrapbook paper from my local Hobby Lobby. (And yes, I spent a solid hour picking out papers---there were some hard decisions to be made!!) I have a total of 18 drawers so I decided on six different coordinating papers and I purchased 3 of each paper. When I got the papers to my classroom, I took out the old papers and used one as a template to cut the new papers.  I then laid out all the papers on the floor to make sure it flowed and this is what that looked like! 
After my eyes agreed that it all flowed and looked good together I simply slipped in each of the papers into the front of the drawers.  I love the final outcome!! 
Since these drawers are the first thing you see when you enter my door, I think they make such a huge impact on the look of my classroom!  I'm in love with them!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently and a SALE!

I'm linking up today with Farley for what's happening currently in my life! 
Take a read!
I love 'Say Yes To The Dress'! I've always loved all things bridal and wedding'ish and that show lets me see the most current styles in bridal attire! My husband just rolls his eyes but I love it! 

So, I'm going on a cruise in just 5 days---and I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!! 
Since we currently live in England, we are cruising to the Baltic! We are stopping at 5 different countries....Denmark, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Finland! To say I'm so anxious and bursting with excitement is an understatement!!!

I hate folding laundry....anyone with me??? 

My car needs a wash--like, bad! Aghh....I just don't want to do it!!!

My new addiction is cheddar popcorn..have you tried it? It's so yummy!!
This is it!! If you haven't had it before, find it, stat!! You'll thank me later.

For the RAK I think I'll leave some random and nameless notes in fellow teachers' boxes. Maybe I'll find quotes and cute pictures to add along but anything as long as it's positive! Maybe I can start a trend?? 

In other news....the TpT Back to School sale starts tomorrow!! 
Yay....I love a good sale and I love shopping!
Have you stocked your cart yet? 
Do you have anything that is a 'must have'? If so, hook a sista up and let me know about it in the comments!!

And for goodness sakes, check out my store if you need Kindergarten goodies! 
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