Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday~Birthday Balloons!

I wanted to share a little 'Throwback Thursday' post with you today!

Do you celebrate your student's birthday in any way? I found a rather inexpensive and cute and sugary ballon to send them home with on their birthday!

I made these birthday balloons last year and they were such a hit with my kiddos when their birthday came around! They never let me forget to get their birthday balloon and they enjoyed picking out their favorite color!  

Read below to see how easy they were to make!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Beautiful Birthday Balloons!!

I've been working feverishly in my classroom over the past week!  

I've had a list a mile long with everything that NEEDED to get done and things that I WANTED to get done...and I'm proud to report that I'm marking tasks off that bad boy!

One fun project that I did last year and knew I wanted to redo this year was making birthday balloons for my kiddos! I think we first saw the idea floating around somewhere on Pinterest and my teammates and I knew it would be a fun present for the kids on their birthday! 

All you need is some scrapbook paper, big pixie sticks, a 'happy birthday' tag, scissors (or a Cricut machine) and some tape!

We simply printed some small tags that said 'happy birthday' and cut them out.
We then used my teammates Cricut machine to cut out some balloon shapes on our scrapbook papers.  If you do not have this cool machine, you could use a die-cut press or even cut out some balloon shapes by hand! 
Once I had all of the balloons cut out I laminated them. 
We have learned that the paper won't curl up if they are laminated. They are nice and sturdy and lay real nice once they are taped down! 

I then got a big box of Pixy Stixs.
We found this big box of 50 at our local Sam's club. 

Then I simply used clear packing tape and taped down a balloon to each stick. 
This is what they looked like when I had them all taped on. 
I then put all of the finished sticks into an clear container. 
And to add a little pizazz to the container I simply added some tissue paper to the bottom of the container. 
I'm not in love with solid pink paper again for this year so I think I may add some bright green and blue tissue paper in there too! 

And of course, the kids love getting a huge stick of sugar on their birthday!!

I'd also being doing you a disservice if I didn't remind you about the awesome deals going on over at Educents right now! 

They are rerunning a few awesome bundles for a limited time!

I think you would love the Kindergarten and Preschool packets! They are jam-packed full of wonderful units to use with your kiddos!!

Click the pictures to view all the details! 
Or, if you'd like to view other grades, click here! 
No matter what grade level or bundle you choose, do it quickly! They will only be on sale for a few more days!! 

And I'll leave you with this little cutie.
{These words may have been spoken at my house!}

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School Bundles- super cheap!!!

Happy Hump Day folks!!
It's Wednesday {and close to school starting} so that could mean only one thing.....


I mean really...who doesn't love a good sale?

I'm so pleased to be a part of Educents and their awesome bundle sets they have going on right now for back to school!! 
They have brought back the best of the best bundles and are rerunning them for a short time only!! That's right, if you missed out the first time around, this is your last chance to scope them up!

{Click the pictures to go directly to site!}
As my viewers here, I think you might be most interested in this Kindergarten bundle.....
 Or this Preschool bundle! 
Both of these bundles are filled with a whole bunch of goodness at an awesome price! 

If you homeschool, or if you're a parent who just needs supplemental items for your own kiddos, be sure to visit the Educents website {by clicking here} to view the other great bundles! There are bundles for all ages to choose from!!

If you see something that speaks to you, be sure to grab it quick! 
This is only a 4 day sale!

And if you need any encouragement to spend money {he he he}....someone wants to tell you a little secret!
Enough said!! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fundraising Bundles for CHD!!

My friend, Mrs. Kelly at Mrs. Kelly's Klass, is hosting a few awesome bundles to raise money for a disease that is dear to her heart! 
She is giving birth on Wednesday (tomorrow!) to a little girl who has CHD! 

Some fellow bloggers have donated units to help raise money to fight this disease!!
Please consider giving to the cause!

Click this link to read all about Mrs. Kelly, her journey and how to score some awesome TpT products for super cheap!! 

Kindergarten bundle #1
 Kindergarten bundle #2
 1st and 2nd grade bundle!
Be sure to visit her page to find out all of the details and links!!

We are praying for you Mrs. Kelly!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Made it Monday!!

Happy Monday friends!!

Are you gearing up for school? It's getting close to 'that time' and I can already hear the excited teachers scoping up great deals, stockpiling on the decorations and running those lamination machines like crazy! Be sure that if you are heading back to school soon, you make the most of what's left of your summer. Hug your own kiddos a little more, enjoy that beautiful sun and for goodness sakes, watch the last of the soap's on TV--you deserve it!! 

On another note, I'm linking up today for Monday Made It! 
I do have a disclaimer before I begin. 
I cannot take credit for any of these following projects! 
I can, instead, give credit to one of my dear friends, Cheri, who we affectionately call a Pinterst addict!! She is always working her magic around the house creating, redecorating or making some new yummy recipe! So, today, I thought it best to display some of her best projects from around her home! {I asked for permission to share with you all and she of course said yes!} 

Made It #1::
 First up, is this great transformation to her trampoline! This clever {and cheap} way to not only add color to the trampoline but same everyone's little fingers from those pesky springs!     

Here is a close up view! 
She just cut pool noodles, made a slit on one side of them and viola! 

Made It #2:
I thought this was so clever!
She has an above ground pool and she is always running into the 'pool toy' issue! She always wanted an easy way to remove the toys when the kids weren't in the pool but she also wanted a way that they kids could access them when they wanted to.  She came up with this idea to get a wire wastebasket, a little 'S' hook and bam--an instant toy keeper! It's close enough to the top of the pool so that the kids can reach inside when they want to. And since it's a wire basket, all the water can drain out of the toys and not mildew! Ingenues I tell ya!! 
Close up view! 

Made It #3:
Here, she made the cutest benches! She made 2 of them and they are on either side of her deck! It's just 3 round wooden poles and 6 cinder blocks! She added these cute, bright pillows and there ya have it! She says it's perfect seating for wet kids when they get out of the pool. They can sit and dry off before getting on the deck or trampoline!!
More of a front view!

Made It #4:
Cheri transformed her umbrella into a great ambiance lighting at night. We always needed a little light when we were hanging out on the deck in the late hours of the night. This lighting is just perfect and just enough to not blind us all!
The 'at night' look!

Made It #5:
She started her own garden this year {and it's producing fabulously}! She made these cute little signs to mark her plants. It was simply left over scrap pieces that she used colored paint pens on to decorate! They all look so cute and add a little color to the garden!

Made It #6:
Cheri found this cute old style tool carrier. She divided it into section on the inside and is growing her own herbs! She labeled the outside as to what is growing inside.  It's nice and portable and easy to move {depending on the sun and water it needs}. 

And last but not least, this cute umbrella and pool floats!
I just had to show them to you in case you are doing a beach theme in your classroom.  The umbrella came from Big Lots and the 2 floats came from Target! Both were super cheap and would be great decorations in the right classroom!!

I hope you enjoyed these Monday Made It's, thanks to my dear friend Cheri!
Didn't she do great??? 
I sure think so! Be sure to leave her some love below!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July's Currently!

I'm joining Farley today for July's currently!!

Here's what I've been up to::

As I sit here typing this, I am listening and watching my 2 kids play with their grandparents (we are visiting them in Georgia at the moment!)  They are all giggling and pretending to fly airplanes in the room.  It's these special moments that I will never forget!!

I'm almost done with my newest unit all about learning colors and color words!! It's really coming together and should be finished shortly! Be on the lookout if you need a color pack for your kinder kiddos!!

We fly out today to visit our friends in Kansas before returning to the UK. We have to catch 2 flights and with all of this crazy weather going on, I sure hope we make our flights! {Did I mention I'm doing this by myself with 2 kids?? Pray for me!}

I'd love nothing more than to pack all of my family and friends back to the UK with me. Seriously, can I fold them all up and check them in my luggage???

Vacations never seem to last long enough. I just want more time in the day to visit friends, laugh with family and shop! Not to mention I want some extra hours to work on TpT stuff!!

4th plans-
I'll be in Kansas for the 4th of July and can't wait to shoot off fireworks, eat some great food, visit with awesome friends!! We will make memories for sure! 

Be sure to link up now if you haven't already!