Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Look At The Goodies I Bought!!

Okay, fess up....
how much did you spend at the TpT sale???
Choose from one of the following ways to best describe the damage you did.

1.) Not to much--I stayed within my budget.
2.) A lot---just don't tell my spouse!
3.) WAY a lot---let's just say my wishlist is empty now!!
4.) Who cares!!!  I scored some awesome stuff at a HUGE discount!!

My confession: I'm going with #4 all of the way!

I'm a sucker for sales!
Bottom line! No questions asked!!  I just am!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you a few of my goodies!

These were all of my "creative" purchases! 
Look for all of these wonderful products to be used soon.... and by soon, I mean during Christmas break when I actually have a moment to breathe, relax and create!!!

Be sure to check out my TpT store if you haven't already! 
Everything is 20% off and remember to use the code CYBER when checking out to get an extra 10%!!  
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's Cyber Monday Sale Time!!

Black Friday was just a few days ago... are you tired of shopping yet??
I hope not!

The HUGE Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale is about to kick off over at TpT!
So be sure to get your carts ready!!
I'm putting my entire store on sale...yep, EVERYTHING!  When you enter the code CYBER you'll get an extra percentage off too!  That's 28% total off your purchases!!
Click here to see my TpT store---and be sure to become a follower if you aren't already! 

Be sure to check out my newest product:
This pack is loaded with different math activities for your math stations!
Click here to check it out now!

This is my newest unit all about rhyming!
 Click here to view it now!

This is a bright colored number match up activity!
Click here to see it now!

I hope one of these products helps you out and saves you some time in your classroom!

Okay, quit reading now!!
Go fill your TpT cart!!!