Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!!

Halloween is almost here!
Over the past week, my kids have been in love with our in house pumpkins!
Here they are! Aren't they so cute?  

The top two pumpkins are small (about the size of my palm) and the bottom one is very unique.  The farmer told me that it's a special kind of pumpkin that starts to turn orange and then stops half way through it's growing, so they stay half orange/ half green!!  My kiddos were so amazed to see such small pumpkins and different colored pumpkins too! 

We were full of fun activities to do during this week all involving pumpkins, of course! 
The following activities were all from Deanna Jump's Pumpkin pack! 
Click here to see her whole pack! 

First up was our pumpkin investigation!  The kids got to draw their pumpkin, measure it, count the lines  and even put it in a bucket of water to see if it sank or float!! Here are their final recording sheets.  

Next up, we discussed the life cycle of a pumpkin!  I found this great non-fiction book with great colorful pictures, this past summer.  I've been saving it to use all year long!  It's written by Ron Fridell and Patricia Walsh.
After reading the book to the kids, we then completed the pumpkin life cycle sheet!  They really took their time on it and I think they turned out awesome!!

And lastly, we made glyphs!! This made for a great hallway display.  The other grades were so impressed to see such great coloring!  Yay, we are making progress folks!!!
After the pumpkins were created, we did a recording sheet whole group!  It used tally marks, counting and a bar graph! All of those great math skills we practice daily at calendar time!

I hope you are ready for Halloween and all of the madness that ensues with the day!! 
If I get froggy, I may let the kiddos cut into our pumpkins and count the seeds inside! We'll see if that happens! 

I can't wait for you to see my kindergarten team's costumes! 
We are so proud of them this year!!  
Check back tomorrow so you can see them! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween FREEBIE!!

Welcome peeps!!

I just got home from a great little weekend vacation!
I went to visit my grandma and it was great!!
I really needed to get away, clear my head and really remember what's most important...FAMILY!!

I'm back, rested and ready for this crazy Halloween week ahead of us!

In honor of fun holiday, I whipped up a little freebie for my school babies and yours too! My kiddos are working hard learning their numbers and how to spell the names for each one!  I hope this helps them and I hope you enjoy it! (It is 1-20)

Click here to grab this FREEBIE!!

And for the rest of this week all Halloween products in my store will be on sale!!
Check them out if you need a little something extra for your kiddos!
Click here to see all of my Halloween goodies now!

(Here is my best seller of my Halloween products!)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gearing up with fall and Halloween activities!

This week was conference week for us at school.

As much as I dread the long days, it is so nice to meet all of the families and really make connections!  I heard some nice compliments that really reassured me that I'm doing things right.  There is nothing better than hearing a parent say how much their child loves coming to school! That is seriously music to my ears. Instilling that love for school and knowledge in kids is so important at this young age!

Now take a peek at what my kiddos have been doing in class!
This week I got to use a lot of my fall and Halloween games! The kids love it when I give them something new---little do they know it is just like the other games they have been playing,  but these just have new pictures and fonts! 

Here is one of my favorites!  They have to match the capital and lower case letters as well as a picture with that beginning sound! 

These are a few of my cut and assemble puzzles! They are super easy to prep and the kids LOVE them!! 
Click here to view them on TpT!

Here is another beginning sound match up game!  This is one of the activities from my apple unit! 
Click here to view this unit!

These are great practice in math!  My kids try so hard to match all three pieces to make a whole candy corn! Matching the number to the word is the hardest part for them but they all seem to get it eventually!  I love seeing them work so hard to make it all match!
Click here to check this out!

Here is a simple, yet very practical, letter matching game! It is a definite go-to game for my low babies!
Click here to find this!

I love this game because it really introduces kids to one's cubes and ten sticks!  We've been working with them at calendar everyday so I love that this game reinforces it!!
Click here to view it now! 

I hope that a few of these games will be a perfect fit for your kiddos too! 
I'll be back soon to let you see what I have planned for our classroom Halloween party!
Happy (soon-to-be) Friday!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shapes all around!

Hey bloggy buddies!! 
Happy Saturday!!
Whew---I'm so exhausted... It was a long week!!

I just wanted to show you what we've been doing in math.
I have been teaching shapes and having so much fun doing it!

The shapes my team and I been teaching have been circle, square, triangle, rectangle and hexagon.
These are the shapes that our district mandates that we teach first (we will be moving on to ellipse, rhombus and trapezoid soon).  

The kids have been doing great with learning them all!
We've done lots of activities to try make it all stick in their little minds and I think it worked---they all did awesome when we tested the kids on them- Yayyyyy!

Here's a few things my team and I have up around our rooms!

These are the shape posters and magazine hunts in my room! We originally went over each shape for a few days, then we reviewed them all like crazy! They had so much fun searching for the shapes in magazines.  It was their job to find the shapes and then bring them to me.  I had to approve them and then I glued them down!  It was so awesome to see the kids be so engaged in finding those shapes!!
(No magazine shapes were found for hexagon!  I just explained that it's not a real common shape to find and the kids were okay with that!)
You can find the pre-made posters in my Snazzy Shapes pack!
Click here to see it now!! 

Here is what my shapes display looks like in my room!  It's nice and bright and the kids refer to it often!
One of my teammates made these awesome posters with her kiddos. She reviewed all of these shape aspects everyday before moving on to the next shape!
Another one of my teammates made these cute posters for her kiddos! The poems are so catchy! Her kids loved them!! (She found the poems online but I'm not sure where!  If you know the original source, let me know!!)

I hope a few of these shape ideas help you in your classroom!!

Do your kiddos need more practice with shapes?
Check out my 2 sets of shape worksheet pages!
Click here for set 1 and click here for set 2!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Math boxes and a tip to New Orleans!!

Well, the weeks just seem to be flying by, don't they??
Our grades are due at the end of the week and conferences are just in 2 short weeks---ummm, hello! Where did the first quarter or school go?  Geez!!  I feel like I just blinked and there went 9 weeks! 

I wanted to share a few items that are in my math boxes currently!
First up, my 'roll and color' freebie from TpT!! 
You can use any of these die to differentiate for your students needs!
Click here to grab it now!!

Next up, my fall ten frames.  I love these because they are simple, no prep and easy on the printer with minimal ink!!
Click here to grab these!

Here is one of my best sellers!
It's simple, easy to use and full of choices for the kids to choose from!  
(I plan on adding more soon in my spare time!)  
It's all about sorting buttons based on different attributes such as color, size, shape and holes!
Click here to check this out!

My kiddos need practice with one-to-one correspondence so these Halloween themed ten frames are perfect!  They simply count and place the correct number on each card- easy peasy!!
Click here to view it!

If you follow me on Facebook (which I hope you do--I do giveaways all of the time), you know that I recently went on a trip to New Orleans!!  My hubby and I went for our friends wedding!  We had an amazing time (minus the 13+ hour drive each way)! We got to really explore the town and we did so much!!  I asked my readers to give me suggestions on what to do while I was there and I loved reading all of the responses.  We actually did a lot of what was suggested- so thanks if you left a comment!!

Here is some of our great pictures!! 
Oysters, Bourbon Street and grits, oh my!!

Have a mask--or two---or three--or 50!
They were all so pretty!!
There are SO many beautiful old homes!
We went here....
And got these!! They were so yummy!!!
And just because, here's the hubby and I!  I love this man!! :)
I hope you enjoyed my math boxes activities and a picture tour of my trip!