Friday, September 27, 2013

Colors GALORE! Crafts, Rainbow names and Mr. Roy G. Biv!

Where has the time gone???
I feel like it's been forever since I've blogged.
What can I say? I've been knee deep in school stuff---everything from lesson plans, to projects, to after school meetings to assessments! I literally come home and become a ball of mush on the couch... do you know how I feel? I bet you do!

I wanted to show you what we did for a few weeks when we taught colors.  The crafts and most of the activities we did were similar to what we did last year!  Check them out herehere and here.  

Look at all of these cuties my kiddos made this year! The kids were so proud of their hard work as well as they should have been. All of their crafts made for awesomely cute decorations for our hallway! 

Cute red Clifford's
An orange cat.
A yellow school bus.
Our green turtles.
A blue whale.
The purple crayons.
A pink cupcake. Yummy!!
A gray elephant.

After all of the color crafts were done, we wrapped up the color weeks with rainbow name writing and the assembly of Mr. Roy G. Biv!  

I wrote everyone's name on a big piece of white construction paper.
They then went to their desks to start tearing the paper to glue down.
They all worked so hard to completely cover the black lines.
Here is our wall of rainbow names!! I love how it turned out!!
Here's Mr. Roy G. Biv--- and he's as colorful as ever!
Here is our wall of our crazy-haired Roy G. Biv's.
I hope you enjoyed our colorful cuties!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Cool New Math Toy!!

Hi there bloggy-land!

I hope today was awesome for you.
Mine was awesome because my kids are still falling right into our classroom routines.  After 4 weeks of working hard, we are starting to find our stride in our classroom!  Bonds are forming, friends are being made and learning is happening--I call that a TOTAL success!! 

I wanted to share a cool new toy I recently received in the mail!  
I arrived home to find this at my doorstep.
As a teacher, when you see this box, you get that "excited feeling" all over don't you??
I know I do!!

I opened it up to find my newest activity to add my stockpile of games- it's called a Magnetic Math Board!  
This is what the nice and sturdy game board looks like.  I love that it's so nicely made and it's pretty indestructible--which is what I need for my rough little kinders!!  And check out how all of the gems are contained inside the board---no more lost pieces!! Can I get an AMEN???  Lost game pieces are the death of me in my classroom! I'm either spending time searching for lost pieces or spending time collecting lost pieces that I find around my room.  I love that no matter what my kids do to this game board, I will NOT find gems floating around my room!! :) 
Included with the board are 15 double sided game cards.  This is just what I needed for my kiddos so that there are plenty of cards to keep them working.  There is nothing worse than having a great game and not enough cards or to keep them busy for a while!  That won't be a problem here.  With over 30 different problems to complete, it is sure to keep the kids busy for a while!
It's easy for the kids to use.
They simply slide their chosen card into the side of the wooden game board.  They just have to learn that all of the gems need to be in the bottom holding part so that the card slides in easily. 
They then use the yellow magnetic wand to move the gems into each white circle.  
Once they fill the left side in completely, they use the wand again to move the subtracted pieces over to the right hand side.  
And it will look something like this!
I also love that it's so easy to differentiate for your students!  It comes with addition and subtraction cards.  There are easy cards to choose from....
and harder ones too! Students can choose how much they are ready to do!!  It's great for fostering a little independence too!
I'm just so happy to have this game to add to my math stations!! I know my kids will love it!

Click here to check it out on Lakeshore's website!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colors, shapes and learning, oh my!!

Hey there peeps!!

Well, we've been learning, learning, learning which to innocent passer-bys, may seem like a bit of chaos.  But all good teachers know that learning always = noise!  

This week we have been reviewing colors and shapes! (And it totally just dawned on me that I haven't even posted about the color crafts we did as we learned about each color. That'll be next on my to-do list!)  

Here is a great color book I found! It's more about mixing colors but my kiddos loved it.  It involves monsters doing the coloring--and monsters seem to a hit with any kid!! You need to check it out sometime!
Since we were reviewing colors, I pulled out this activity from my color pack called "Color Burst"!  Click here to check it out!  My kids just loved it!! They kept saying "yay, puzzles, she's letting us do puzzles!" Oh boy...if they only knew they were learning their colors and how to spell them! Here's a few puzzles my smart little kiddos put together!!
Here's a picture one table working so hard! Look at that concentration---I'm telling ya, it was magical!! 

At another work station, kids were doing basically the same activity but with shapes instead of colors!! Again, they did great and had so much fun doing it!  You can find these puzzles in my "Snazzy shapes" which can be found here!! 
And I love this picture! My kiddos were working so hard and so fast that I barely could get a half-decent picture! That's true working and learning going on there!! :) 

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Friday, September 6, 2013

We are shapin' up!!

Happy Friday!!
If you are a teacher...I know those are the sweetest words you can hear!

We've officially been in school for 3 weeks and I am glad to report that my kiddos are finally settling into our normal routine.  Whewww.....  You always forget how exhausting and trying those first weeks of school can be--- the kids always make so much progress over their kindergarten year!!

I want to show you how well my kids are doing learning and/or reviewing their shapes! 
So far, we've learned about the circle, square, triangle and rectangle! Here are a few samples of their square practice.  On these sheets, the students are practicing tracing the shapes while working on staying on the line, coloring inside the shape and making color patterns in the shape.  Their coloring is improving daily!!  Take a look:
Click here to check out these worksheets and more! 

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