Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My drawers get an ocean themed face lift!

Well, I hate to say it but it looks like summer is quickly coming to an end.  
(Insert sad face here!) 
I have had such a great summer spending so much quality with my two kiddos and my husband! I'm grateful for the time we had together but I guess it's time to get back to the grindstone! 

At the beginning of this week, it was time to get back into the classroom and get decorating underway. I'm only been working in my classroom for a few days but I'm exhausted. Maybe it's because I'm trying to get up earlier in the morning to get my body back on a "school schedule". Our in-service professional development days start next week and the kids start the following week.  I'm so excited to meet all of our new kindergarten kiddos.  

Our school has a school-wide theme that changes yearly. Our theme this year is ocean. I was excited about getting to use all different tones of blues and greens! 

First thing on the decorating list is to update the faces of my plastic tubs. I love to creating and getting everything set up for the new school year, but boy is it time-consuming. You don't realize how much time it takes to decorate by yourself!! 

I'm so excited about the face lift that my plastic drawers got again this year!
Here is a before picture:
And here is an after picture:
VoilĂ !

Here are some close up pics! 
I love how they turned out and I love the blue color combinations! 

To update my drawers, I simply bought a variety of scrapbook paper from my local Hobby Lobby. (And yes, I spent a solid hour picking out papers---there were some hard decisions to be made!!) I have a total of 18 drawers so I decided on six different coordinating papers and I purchased 3 of each paper. When I got the papers to my classroom, I took out the old papers and used one as a template to cut the new papers.  I then laid out all the papers on the floor to make sure it flowed and this is what that looked like! 
After my eyes agreed that it all flowed and looked good together I simply slipped in each of the papers into the front of the drawers.  I love the final outcome!! 
Since these drawers are the first thing you see when you enter my door, I think they make such a huge impact on the look of my classroom!  I'm in love with them!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gearing up for school with a few new units!!

Well, school is starting soon and you know what that means....
panic mode is setting in!! Yep, it finally hit me!

Oh yes, if you're a teacher you know that feeling!
That feeling that time is closing in and there is just no way you'll be able to get EVERYTHING on your 'to-do' list done in time! 

Please tell me I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed, nervous and in full panic mode!?!?

I've tried to put my self a step ahead of the game this year by making some units of skills that I know my team covers in the first few weeks of school.  Some of the first things we teach/review with the kids are things like shapes, colors and numbers.  We of course review all of these skills while still teaching school and classroom routines, manners, names and everything else!!  (Insert that overwhelmed feeling again--GEEZ!!!  Breathe, Liz, breathe!) 

Anyhow, here are a few things I've completed in the past few weeks!
I hope you can use a few of them! 

First up, my Apples Galore Unit!! Everything you could need when teaching about apples!

(It's on sale now!)

Next up, my color unit!
This unit is great for teach all about color and their names!!
(It's on sale for a short time!)

Next up, my shapes unit!

And lastly, my 'Welcome to Kindergarten' pack!!
I'm so proud and excited about this pack!  It has 8 different activities that some kindergartners know coming into school and they could use as great review.  For your kiddos coming in who aren't so proficient, they could use these activities as great practice!  All 8 skills are basic, beginning of the year things kids know or need to know!

I hope you you can use some of these units! 
I know they will make my life easier in those first few weeks and I hope they will do the same for you! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Vegas 2013 Recap!!

That's about the only word I have to describe my week in Vegas. As many of you know, I spent last week in Las Vegas for the national I teach K conference! 

Not only did I learn a lot, take tons of pictures and meet many new friends, I also came home with a cold!! Yep you read that right.  I left Vegas with a cold and it only got worse once I had to fly and come home! So here I am now, five days after flying home and I'm just starting to get over my sickness. It was such a doozy!! I haven't had a summertime cold and I don't know how long! Summertime sicknesses are the worst! 

Now that I have a little bit of energy again, wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took from the conference and some of the great blogging buddies that I finally got to meet face-to-face!!

This is a quick glimpse into my whirlwind of a week::
A group picture of a few of us bloggers!
I was so honored to be a part of the keynote given by Debbie Clement!! 
(I'm in the green shirt on the far left!)
A good group picture of us before the performance!
And of course, what does a group of teachers do?? 
Find the closest Lakeshore store, DUH!!
We had a blast and bought so many goodies!!

Here are a few of the great presenters I got to see while I was there!! 
I learned so much that my brain is still mush!!
I got to see Shari Sloane! She is amazing!!
Debbie was so energetic in her session!
A few us with the great Kathy Griffin!
 The always marvelous (and funny) Kim Adsit!
I was so honored to meet Audrey Penn-- author of The Kissing Hand!
She signed my book!!! :)
The always wonderful and creative Deanna Jump!!
This is Ron Clark! Boy, did he keep us entertained!  If you don't know about him or his story, google him now! He was full of energy.
Look how cute she is! 
This is Kathleen from Growing Kinders! 
It was her first time presenting and she hit it out of the park!
Way to go girl!!

A few of us bloggers had a night out on the town!
I love this shirt--enough said!

On Tuesday night, we had a great blogger meet-up! I met so many wonderful bloggers and blog stalkers----I loved every minute of it!  Here are just a few of the pictures I snapped that night! (I wish I could share them all but do you really want to look though hundreds of pictures??  I didn't think so!)
Rachelle from What The Teacher Wants!
Katie from Little Warriors and DeeDee Wills from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!
Kim Adsit from Kinder Gals!
Tiffani from Time 4 Kindergarten!
Hador from Miss Kindergarten!
John, Erica, Rachelle, Deanna, Amy, Natalie, Kim!
Katie, Tiffani, Crystal and Tanya!
Crystal from Kreative in Kinder!
Alessia from Mrs. Albanese's Kindergarten and Tanya from Ms. Solano's Kindergarten!
Deanna from Mrs. Jump's Class!
Erica from Erica Bohrer's First Grade! (And I won her book! YAY!!)
The man on the left is John Yoo (CEO of TpT) and the lady in the black dress with the teal sweater is Amy Bernell (Community Manager at TpT)!! It was such a honor to meet them both!  They were so sweet and TpT provided all of the drinks for the night!! 
Here is a great picture of everyone from Kinderland that could attend! 
I love this picture!!

On a personal note.... 
I was so excited to get home in time to witness a great sight....
My daughter lost her first tooth!! Yay!!
It's been wiggly for a while and I was happy that it waited for me to get home before it came out!  

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite pictures from Vegas!
I had a blast and I hope I see you there next year!

To all of my bloggin' buddies I met...until we meet again!
I had a great time with you all and look forward to doing it again next year!!