Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Math Boxes!

Whew....I'm exhausted!
Is the end of the year wearing on anyone else?
I feel like there are so many things to teach, so many things to review, so many skills to test over, so many meetings to squeeze in and just so, so much more!!! I know I will get everything done by the end of school but dang, this teacher/mom/wife here is plum wore out!
If you've been following me for a while you already know that my hubby is currently deployed.  But the good news is that it's ALMOST OVER!! Yes, that requires all caps because this girl is so flippin' excited!  He's been gone since the day after Christmas (and if you're wondering, no, Christmas was not enjoyable knowing what was coming soon!) but soon this LONG deployment will be O.V.E.R! Thank goodness! I need my hubby and my kiddos need their daddy! 
I'll keep you updated with his 'coming home' progress!  
Anyhow, sorry, back to school stuff!
I wanted to showcase a few of the things my class has been working on in their math boxes!
I switched them out a few days ago. My kids always love getting new activities to practice!
Here they are!
 One of my besties made this cute doggie themed match up!
 Breakfast anyone?  Yummy!!!
 Springtime is calling!
 Students can create their own addition and subtraction problems!
 Rabbits, chicks and egg oh my! Addition galore with these cuties.
 A little greater than/ less than practice! Yes please!!
Greg has some unicorn addition.
I hope you can use some of these goodies!
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday!!

It's Friday! Yippie!!
Another week is in the books.  I don't know about you but it felt like it flew by!
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you 5 for Friday!
First things first, this happened this week--- yes, that's my "baby" and he's eating pizza--all by himself--like a big boy! Ummm, when did this happen???  My baby isn't such a baby anymore! It's kind of sad but also kind of nice how independent he is becoming lately!
 This also happened this week---do you see a small amount of white stuff on our grass?  Yeah, that would be snow!  Granted, it was only a trace but still---who has snow 7 days before may?  I mean really.....is Winter over yet?  I'm ready for Spring and Summer!
I also finished my newest creation this week!! It has 5 different activities all pertaining to addition.  My kids needs tons of practice and I thought this would be perfect for them! Turtles are my favorite animal and when I saw this cutie I couldn't resist using it for the cover!!
This week my kiddos made cube's during our study of 3D shapes!! They got to decorate them any way they wanted and they loved it!
Have you ever seen the game scoot?  My friend introduced me to it and it's so cute and easy and great way to review or assess!  Here are a few I've made:
Next week I'll be blogging about my class doing theses.  Basically, you have 26 cards and you place them around your room in some sort of order.  Students take their recording sheet with them and they stand at a card.  They write the answer to the card on the coordinating square on their sheet.  When time is up (usually 30 seconds to a minute) the teacher says "scoot" and the students move over one spot to the next card.  Repeat this process until all cards have been answered!  It's a great activity to review a topic with your class or to do a quick assessment.  It also gets the kids up and moving and that's always a great thing!! 
Enjoy you weekend! Hopefully you have nice spring-like weather!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

3D Shapes!

It's Thursday folks- that means only one more day until the weekend!
 Can I get a whoo-hooo?!?!

In math we started our study of 3-D shapes. Last Quarter our district required that our kids know the cone, sphere, and cube. This quarter they must still know those three shapes in addition to rectangular prism, pyramid and cylinder added to the mix.

I found a couple of really cute 3-D shape songs on YouTube. I'm very lucky that our district recently opened YouTube up to us to use in the classroom! Take a look at a couple of the songs that I found.
This one is by HarryKindergarten-- it's so catchy and my kids L.O.V.E. it!!
This one is really cute too! It's by CoilBook.
I also have been using 3-D manipulatives in the classroom for the kids to see the shapes. They love it because they get to put their hands on the shapes and roll them and toss them around. These are the kind I have from Lakeshore!!
I also found these great worksheets by googling 3-D shapes.
 I thought if  the kids got to decorate and build their own 3-D shape, it might stick with them a little more. Here's the one we've been working on for two days and we finally completed it today--- the cube!
I will leave you with this very cute word art that I was sent from a friend!
I love it!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tie-dye Time!

I had such a relaxing weekend with my kids. It was so nice to just hang out, do a little shopping and I really enjoyed the beautiful weather that we had! For that reason, I didn't get around to blogging this weekend or working on TpT creations!!

I want you to see what we did last Friday.
It was such a fun day.
My kids got to tie-dye their own white shirt!
Talk about fun!!The kids have known for weeks that we are getting ready to do this and they were so antsy and so excited to finally get to do it. 

Every year I contact some fellow Air Force members that my husband works with at our local Air Force Base. They are always more than willing to help.  This year was no different! These men and women came and helped our kids on their day off. Hats off to them for really caring about our community's kids!!

Us Kindergarten teachers sent home a note asking parents to send in one white T-shirt for their child and to label the name on the tag of the shirt. I collected and stored the shirts until the morning of the tie-dying event.

On Friday morning I passed all of the shirts out to the each correct child. And then gave the kids a short 5 to 10 minute presentation on how to tie-dye. First started by telling the kids that there was no way they could mess up the shirt. I simply told them the key to tie-dying was rolling the shirt tight and making sure the rubber bands were all tight. (I also had to give a mini lesson on how to wrap the  rubber band by twisting it in your hand. You really don't realize kids don't know how to do this until you give him a rubber band and they don't know what to do with it.)

I then let the kids go to town. They all rolled their shirts and I went around and tightened rubber bands after they thought they were done. Once the whole class was done, I had each student put their shirt in their cubby. It stayed there until I called them out to the bucket to dye their shirt.

Once or military volunteers got there, I lined them up in a straight row. They filled the buckets three fourths full with hot water and we added the dye. Once we stirred it up good the kids were ready to start. Take a look at some of the kids dying their shirts!
 Here, she is cutting the rubber bands off so that the man on the right can rinse out the extra dye in the shirt. After it was rinsed out, we laid the shirts out to dry on big tarps.
 Look at the cool designs!!
The 2nd grade classes also decided to tie-dye too and they picked teal as their color!  Their shirts turned out pretty cool too!!
Do you tie-dye with your kids at school??

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a Pizza Party..with a side of cookies!!

We've been studying half in math lately.
Years ago I decided to start a tradition of having the kids make pizzas.
They get to make a pizza all on their own. They choose their own toppings and design the pizza anyway they would like it. Then overnight, I bake it and the next day they are ready to begin.  And did I mention these are fake pizzas? It doesn't matter, the kids love pizza--real or fake!

Most of my lesson about half is about sharing food with their friends. We talk about how it's nice to share and how we need to be fair when we cut things in half to share with our friends. We talk about different types of foods that they can share with their friends like pizza, candy bars, cookies and the list goes on and on. The kids love this part because they get to think of all their yummy foods that they like to eat with their friends. It makes everyone hungry!!

We then pretend to have a pizza party. The kids have to cut out all of their ingredients. 
(I just traced a big circle for the crust, little circles on red for pepperonis, little rectangles for green and yellow peppers, tan rectangles for cheese and I freehand make mushrooms on white.)
The students make their pizza.
They turn it over and with a ruler they draw straight-line down the back and we check to make sure they have divided it evenly in half. Once I've checked that both sides are relatively even, I allow them to cut on the straight line dividing a pizza and half.
Take a look at how cute their pizzas turned out!
We then did the same thing with cookies.
The kids cut out and decorated their own chocolate chip and sugar cookies.
After they cut them in half evenly, they glued them onto a sheet of paper. They then had to tell how they cut it, which was in half, and write who they would share the other half of their cookie with.
I know my kids will remember what half looks like now!
Food always makes a lesson stick in their minds!