Thursday, February 28, 2013

Money sorting mat!

Money, money, money!!
Money is the name of the game in math right now.
For the 3rd quarter, our district requires that the students be able to identify the four main coins- penny, nickel, dime and quarter. While we review coins daily during our calendar time, I wanted to make extra sure that the kids had a good grasp on the coin names before moving on any further.
I was looking though my files when BAM, there it was!! I found some great money sorting mats that I printed off last year after seeing it pinned on pinterest!  I'm so glad that I'm half way organized and had enough sense to actually file them...instead of jamming them into my ever-growing "I'll get to that later" pile.... Ughhhh, it just stares at me everyday!  Sorry, I got distracted!
Anywho, I pulled them out, pulled out my tub of plastic coins and I was ready to go. 
I simply put a huge pile of coins on each table, laid a mat in the center of the table and had them sort the coins.
Here's the mat:
What I love about this mat is that the coin name, value, heads and tails pictures are all included!!
Here is what it looked like when my kiddos sorted their coins!

After all of the kids had their coins sorted, we did a lot of intense looking at the coins, studying their features and matching coins with their neighbors.  I asked tons of questions like "Hold up a dime.  Hold up a coin worth 5 cents. Show your neighbor a quarter." I went on and on until I felt like they were all really getting it. 
 I test for coin identification in a week  so we'll keep practicing it and hopefully they'll all do great!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Who wants candy??
That's the only words I have to describe what is occurred here in our town in the last week!

As you may know, last time I blog we had just received 14.2 inches of snow. Since that blog post we got another 6.8 inches of snow. And yes we've been out for 4 consecutive school days now!! The roads were pretty clear today, thanks to some awesome snow plowers and some sun, so we will definitely be going to school tomorrow. And if you're wondering, yes, I have cabin fever like no one's business!!! I am so tired of staring at these four walls and only talking to my 18 month old and five-year-old… I need adult interaction people!

Besides spending time with my two kiddos, who I'm pretty sure are very tired of me, I have been working on TPT activities like crazy. I recently bundled my St. Patrick's Day unit and I'm offering a discount on the bundled unit. Take a look here if you're interested.

I am also beyond excited to share with you my latest unit called Candy Creations- Math Edition. (yes, there will be a literacy edition too!) It's a unit you can use year-round and your kids are sure to love it considering it involves candy!!!

Take a look:
(It will be on sale for a few more days!!)
I know my kiddos will be so excited to use these activities!
I hope yours will be too! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow galore..and my St. Patrick's Day Unit!!

I hope today finds you warm in in a location that is nice and sunny!
I'm located in Wichita Kansas and yes I'm part of that area of the country that had been engulfed in the snowstorm!! That's right I've lived here for six years and the most snow I've seen a one time is about 5 or 6 inches. By the end of yesterday, Wichita ended up with 14.2 inches of snow!! Yes, that's right, you read that correctly..... 14.2 inches of snow!!! Being a southern born and raised girl, 14.2 inches of snow was pretty much the end of the world to me!!!

Needless to say, we are on our second snow day off from school! You don't see me complaining. So, what is a girl like me to do on snow days off from school? I take advantage of my snuggle time with my own two kiddos….and make TPT creations!!

Here's a few pictures of me, my kiddos and the snow yesterday!
Our deck!  14.2 inches of snow!
The steps on our deck!
 My poor son!! The snow was higher than his butt!! He was not happy about this picture!!
This picture was when my kids first woke up and looked out on our deck! They were amazed at how much snow we had... and it was only about 10 inches at that time!

And here's the TpT unit I finished yesterday! I hope you love it!!

 Sight word game!
 Real and nonsense word sort!
 Vocabulary words!
 Write the room with CVC words- 5 sets that contain 8 words each!  The sets are interchangeable so you have endless possibilities of word combinations!
Sentence word scramble!
While you're there, be sure to check out the coordinating math unit!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's snowing...we we're distracted!

Hello blog!!
I feel like I haven't written in forever! With the extended weekend and family in town, I stayed busy gallivanting around town.  I had so much fun and we made tons of great memories!  I hope you guys don't feel neglected!  I still love ya!!!
Today was a very interesting day. We all knew a big winter storm was heading our way we just didn't know when it would really arrive.  The weather man has a tendency to be wrong around here!! When they report that we're going to have 10 inches of snow, we usually end up with a quarter of an inch!

To our surprise today was a little different. They reported that snow would start in the afternoon and it actually started a little before that. So of course what happens to your kids? They go crazy!! It was about 9:15 AM when our kids discovered it was snowing outside.

We were in the middle of calendar time and that abruptly ended. Since we don't have windows in our rooms the kids cannot actually see the snow. No one could focus so what does a good teacher like me do? I take them to see the snow of course!! That's right... I stopped what I was doing, had all the kids lineup and took them to the front of our school so that they could peer out of the glass front doors to see all the snow! While we only had about half an inch to an inch on the ground at the time, they were just so excited to see the fluffy white snow.

Here's a picture of all the kids staring at the snow.
Aren't they so cute!!!
Since talk of the snow continued throughout the day I decided to incorporate it into our learning for the day. During the writing station of our daily five time I had the kids write about 'when it snows'. They did really good writings!
Take a look:
 (When it snows, I would make a snow angel.  I make snow balls. I make a snow man.  I make a snow ?) 
(When it snows I throw balls.  When it snows I drink hot coco.) 
(When it snows I make snowmen.  When it snows I make snow angels.  When it snows I make snowballs.  After I play in the snow I drink hot chocolate!)
I am ecstatic happy to report that we just got an email that school will be cancelled tomorrow!! YAY!!! That's the first snow day we will have received in 3 years!  That just means that I get to work on more TPT goodies!!! 
I hope it doesn't get to much worse--but the weather man said we could end up with more than 13 inches of snow--- I'll believe it when I see it!  (And is actually reporting it could be more around 18-24 inches... now that would be something!!)
Stay warm and safe my friends!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up today with Doodle Bugs to share with you five favorite things from the week!!
1.  We are working on our dental health unit.  I just love teaching about teeth and everything associated with it!  This is one of my all-time favorite crafts to do--our marshmallow mouths.  The kids love gluing marshmallows down and the end product is always so cute!! We get tons of compliments from staff members and parents!!

2.  Another cute activity we did this week was a big 'have you lost a tooth' class graph.  The kids loved gluing down their own tooth on the chart.  For every child that had lost a tooth, they felt it necessary to tell us the story of losing that first tooth!  It took awhile to get through it, but all of their classmates loved it!
3.  If you know me, you know I love funny ecards.  I found this one this week--I mostly love it because it's soooo true!!
4.  Valentine's Day was pretty awesome, even though my husband is currently deployed.  He was so thoughtful and got me some really nice gifts and wrote me some really sweet words of love!! Not to mention I got these beautiful flowers!
 And I saw this ecard and died laughing.....because one you're an old married couple, this couldn't be more true! lol.....
5.  We had a short school week this week due to having parent/teacher conferences.  And that means, us teachers get a 4 day weekend!!! What could make that even better??  Family visiting of course!  My mom was able to fly out and spend that whole time with me and the kids-- YAY!!!  Here is the first of many cute pictures I snapped this morning.  It's my mom and daughter having story time.  It's moments like this that make me sure a proud and happy mama! 
That's my great week in a nutshell.
I plan on enjoying my weekend to the fullest making great memories with my family!  I'll see you all soon my dear blogging friends!  Enjoy your days off if you get them!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marshmallow Mouths For Dental Health Month!

We are continuing our work with dental health. 
My kids are loving all of the "teeth talk" we've been having---and they especially love talking about (and showing me) their wiggly teeth. They know wiggly teeth give me the chills--I can do blood and guts but don't give me wiggly teeth!!!
Take a look at some of our latest dental activities the kids have completed.
They had a great time doing a magazine search for good and bad foods for your teeth. We talked extensively about foods and why bad foods are bad for your teeth. I made sure to repeat over and over that those foods are okay to eat every once and a while but just not every day and not a lot of them.
Here is our happy teeth and sad teeth:
They then made their marshmallow mouths!  I love this project!  The students were so excited to see that we were going to use marshmallows and in the same breath, they were a little disappointed when they realized they weren't going to get to eat them.  The end products are just so darn cute!!  I also had them do a writing to go with their mouths.  They each wrote a few sentences about something they have learned about since we've started our dental health unit.  I am so amazed at how great their writing is coming along.  They sounded all of their words out themselves!
Our wall of mouths!
(I brush my teeth everyday.  My teeth healthy.)
(Teeth have a covering. My teeth have a filling.)  There's honestly for ya!!
(I have my teeth have a cavity. I brush my teeth now.)  I love this one-- again, they are so honest!!
 (You have to brush and floss everyday. You have to set a timer everyday if you have one.)  She went on to later tell me that since there are 4 kids in the family, they set timers for how long they have to brush for--- so smart!!
 (My teeth are white. I always brush my teeth.)
(I brush my teeth and floss.  If I don't brush my teeth then they will rot.)  Well, very true my dear---brush away!!!
Are you teaching dental health to your kiddos?  How's it going?