Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a fabulous Halloween day at school!

The day started out with a costume parade. Our entire school lines up starting with kindergarten, all the way to fifth-grade, and we parade around the outside block of our entire school. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors all got around outside to take pictures of all the cute little kids in their costumes.Here are a few of the cuties from my classroom.
And here is my little kindergartner. Isn't she the cutest little pink daisy ever?
 And me---a marathon runner! :)
Late this afternoon we had our Halloween classroom party. These were the treats that were all brought in. Yes, it includes over six dozen cookies six big bags of candy and drinks. WOW!!!
During the party, I decided to play game. I created a giant pumpkin made out of crate paper. We blindfolded each kid individually and decided to play pin the nose on the pumpkin.
Here are a few of my kiddos playing the game.
This is the end result. Look at all of my noses all over the board!
Before,during and after the party I found time to read some of my favorite Halloween books!
The kids really seemed to like them!
Overall, we had a pretty good Halloween day!
I'm ready to hear of the great stories that I know the kids will have come tomorrow... I'm planning on spending about 15 minutes in the morning just listening to all of the stories about their enormous amount of candy they all got and all of the great costumes they saw! I'm guessing all of the kids will either be tired from staying up late tonight or they will be on a sugar rush from all of the candy they will have eaten!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cool Socks and Sticky Pumpkin Pieces!

This week (and part of last) at school it has been spirit week.
Today was crazy socks day! My kids wore really cute socks.
Look at their wonderful socks!!!
Tonight while I was doing my last-minute Halloween shopping, I found the cutest thing ever. I was at target I was in the dollar section. I came across these Halloween faces that you can just stick on pumpkins. They are adhesive on the back and they are perfect for kids like my 5 year old child who wants to decorate a pumpkin but they are not quite secure enough to do it with a knife!!! It was only $1.00!
My daughter's cute little pumpkin!
Applying the adhesive pieces!
 My cutie and her final product!
 And lastly, I just have to share my cuties!!!!
I love this picture! We were preparing to carve/decorate pumpkins tonight and I was able to capture this great shot!They both were smiling and were so happy to have a few pumpkins!
I love those smiles!!! :)
Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Trick or Treat SALE!

In honor of school being out today, conferences being over and Halloween arriving soon....
I'm throwing a TpT sale!!!! :)
Yay to Alisha for making this cool sign!
For 2 days only all of my fall and Halloween stuff will be on sale! :)  
Be sure to take advantage of this sale- stock up now!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A FREEBIE spider glyph and another manic Monday!!

It was just another manic Monday!!!

Mondays are always pretty crazy for us.
We do something called late start. It's where the kids come in an hour later than usual days so that the teachers can have professional development time. It's kinda weird because everything gets pushed back time wise or you end up deleting something out of your day. For me that something ends up being calendar. I hate to lose it (and I can sometimes squeeze it in real quick) but I just can't cut other things like reading, daily 5, math or math work stations!

We did a couple really fun things today. Math was pretty fun. The students are learning about weighing things and figuring out if they are heavier or lighter. After teaching the lesson and talking them through everything, I let my kids do a scavenger hunt to our classroom. They were instructed that they needed to find 2 things and they could come up and take turns weighing them on the scale. The kids loved it!! You'd thought they were running the classroom! I even saw kids making predictions about which of their objects would be heavier! Here are a few pictures of the kids weighing their objects:
One of my kiddos weighing a puppet and a shape manipulative.
A crayon verses a puppet.
A foam block verses a Smartboard pen.
A big bead verses a snap cube.
Our walls in the hallway you're needing a little love. We have not redone them in quite some time. Conferences coming up we thought it would be a great time to get some fresh new items on the walls for display. My class did a spider glyph. I was really concerned that it might be a disaster but they turned out adorable. I made the glyph up it's nothing extravagant but it definitely gets the point across. The kids had such a great time making these!
We attached the white eyes first. Then they colored the eyes according to whether they were a girl or boy. They then put a smile on him (he has to be friendly). Then they added the spots based on their age. Next, I taught them how to crinkle the legs- this was a little difficult for some but we made it! WHEW!!! They then attached the 8 legs and they were good to go!!
This is my example!
 These are the supplies needed: a circle about 6-8 inches across, legs 8-12 inches long and white eyes.
The class pile of spiders.  I haven't put them on the wall for display yet but I will tomorrow!
 Here is the glyph I made up:
Click here to download this now!
I hope you can use this in your room. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Math Station Games!

As a TpT creator and as a teacher it's always kind of weird to see your creations being used!

I switch my math station boxes every other week and this was the week for them to be switched. So naturally, I put in many of my new math games that I have made. It's amazing how engaged the kids are once I change thier stations!
As I walk away around to monitor my kiddos during math station time, I love hearing all of the math talk. Kids are asking their friends to "skip count" with them and they are asking their partner to help them make patterns! It really is music to my ears!  

Here are my students hard at work during their math stations with their new games!
My kids are doing so well learning how to spell each number!
Click here to grab it!

They can sing their skip counting songs well but are working hard to write those numbers!
Click here to grab it!

They are rocking out number identification!!!
Click here to grab this freebie!!
These puzzles are great for them to count by 2's, 5's and 10's!
Click here to grab it!
These snap cubes are wonderful for patterning!
Click here to grab them!

One of the favorite games for my kids!
Click here to grab it!
Do you use math work stations?  How are your kiddos doing with them?
I'd love to hear about your progress!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch and Dairy Farm!

Today was the much awaited, pumpkin patch day!!!
The kids has a fabulous time and I am one tired teacher!
I tell you, I am plum wore out!!!
The place we went to was actually a pumpkin patch and a dairy farm. It was very entertaining and very informative. Not only did the kids get to pick out a pumpkin to take home, they also got to learn about cows and the milking process.
I even got picked to feed the baby cow!!!
It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me!!!
Me feeding the calf!
Baby cow (calf)
Mama cow
The farmer explaining how the milking machine works!
The kids also got to see other animals that were there, such as rabbits, roosters, chickens, lambs and ducks!

The kids also got to see some pig races!!
The kids just loved this part---they were cheering them on and just loved watching them race to the milk at the end!
This is also a special field trip for me considering it was the first time I've got to go on a field trip with my own daughter! It was awesome to be alongside her with all of her friends.
Mommy and daughter!
My sweetie finding her pumpkin!
We got to do even more too than what's pictured---we all had a picnic when we got there, they watched a short video about milk and why it's important and each kid got to test out the milking machine on their finger!
We had such a delightful time! It was great memories for all of us!!!