Friday, August 31, 2012

*Rainbow Names*

To end our week of color reviews, I decided to have the kids make rainbow names!
I first saw this idea a while back on Pinterest.  I then saw it first-hand in Vegas this summer when I sat in on Deanna Jump's session.  She explained how she did rainbow names in her classroom and then showed examples.  All of her names looked so cute and I knew I had to try it this year!
I am so glad that I decided to do it with my kiddos because it turned out so stinkin' cute!
I first cut big pieces of white construction paper in half so that they were long and skinny.
I wrote each child's name on the paper, with a black Sharpie, being sure to leave room between each letter (so that if the torn colored paper was too big, it wouldn't run into the next letter of their name.)  I then took colored construction paper and tore it into big pieces.  (When you do it, be sure to only use the colors of the rainbow so that they are true rainbow names!) I put the colors in piles and it was the child's responsibility to come up and grab the color they needed. 
We reviewed the order of the colors of the rainbow. I wrote them on the board too so that they could refer to them if needed! 
These were the final CUTE results!!!

Aren't they just adorable? 
They will look awesome when I display them all together!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet Mr. Roy G. Biv!

 We are having a great week reviewing all of the colors we learned last week! The kids are having fun playing different color games and making a few crafts too!

Today we talked about the colors of the rainbow and the order in which the colors are arranged.  So, naturally, I introduced Mr. Roy G. Biv! The kids laughed and just loved the name. 

We then made a Roy G. Biv man to help the kids remember the order of the colors.
I can't take credit for this craft---I found the idea on this thing
called Pinterest, ever heard of it???  Lol!
(I would love to give credit to the original creator of this craft too but I couldn't track it down anywhere. If you know, please comment and let me know so that I can give them proper credit!)

So take a look at what my sweeties made!

I love those big eyes and great lashes.

This Roy had crazy hair but I love it!

 The old school high-top hair!

A little crooked but I love that huge smile!!

I would also like to give you a quick list of a few of the color games and activities my kids have been using.  They are having a great time "playing"...only if they knew they were really learning!  Hehehe:) 

1. Color Splash: A Not So Wimpy File Folder Game: Color Splash! (a color ma
2. Color Cones: Color Cones: Four Color Activities
3. Color Matching Game:Color Matching Game... Ready, Set, Match!
4. Color Word Unit: Color Word Unit: Acitvities & Centers for the 10 Basic Col


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rainbow walls!!

So, I have to share with you, what our hallway looks like!
If you've seen my 3 previous posts, you know that my new kiddos have been working hard on learning their colors.  My teammates and I decided that we could have a rainbow going down the kindergarten hall--and I have to say, I LOVE how it turned out!!!
Each day, after they finished their color craft, we hung them out in the hall.  And by the end of the week of colors, our rainbow was built!
This is what it looks like right outside of my room!!!
This is what it looks like all the way down the hallway!
Can you see the rainbow we having going on???

We've gotten many compliments about all of the crafts and how cute they look!
Tomorrow we will do a Roy G. Biv craft! I know it will turn out cute!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Teaching Colors- Part 3: White/ Gray/ Black/ Brown

If you missed my posts over the past few days, you need to check them out! I told about the order in which I teach each color and I gave a more detailed account of what I teach with each color.
Click here to see my 1st post about teaching the colors red, orange and yellow.
Click  here to see my 2nd post about teaching the colors green, blue, purple and pink.
So, here is my 3rd and final post on teaching the rest of the colors-- white, gray, black and brown.
Food: Marshmallows
The book we read:
The cloud craft we did:
Food: nothing :(
The books we read:

The gray elephant craft:
Food: Oreo's
The book we read:
The black fly that they made:
Food: Pancakes
The books we read:
The pancakes they made:

They all were so cute and the kids say they were so yummy!!!
(We bought frozen pancakes, heated them up in the microwave while the kids were at recess, we gave them white frosting with a popsicle stick and then a pinch of chocolate chips!)
 I gave them strick instructions for them to make them first, let me take pictures, then they could eat them. 
They loved it!!! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teaching Colors- Part 2: Green/ Blue/ Purple/ Pink

If you haven't already, check out my previous post here on how exactly I teach the colors to my students.  In that post, I spell out exactly the order in which I teach the colors and my format in which I follow when we talk about each color individually.
So this is part 2 of my color series.  :)

Food: Pudding- we mixed blue and yellow to make green
The book we read:

The green turtle craft:

Food: Blueberries
The books we read:

The blue whale craft:

Food: purple grapes
The books we read:

After reading Harold and the purple crayon, they made a purple crayon craft:

Food: Pink wafer cookies
The book we read:

The pink cupcake craft:

Check back tomorrow for my 3rd and final post on teaching colors!!!